Chocolate Covered Strawberries


To give you an idea of how cheap it can be to make your own chocolate covered strawberries, let me break it down for you:

3 containers strawberries= $7.50 (at $2.50 each- they are often cheaper in season)

1 package Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips= $3

1 package Chirardelli white chocolate chips= $3

Total cost for about 5 dozen chocolate covered strawberries= $13.50 (cheaper when strawberries are in season or if you use a cheaper brand of chocolate)

Note: At Valentine’s Day, grocery stores were selling little boxes of 4 berries for $8.00!!!

Obviously, you may not want to make 5 dozen of these tasty treats, but that’s about how many you can make with the two packages of chocolate chips. You can make less and have chocolate leftover. (If you run out of semi-sweet chocolate and still have strawberries left, it looks pretty to dip them in white chocolate and sprinkle them with dark chocolate sprinkles.)


1. Wash the strawberries by wetting a paper towel and blotting them. Do not run under water to wash them or they will get mushy.

2. Prepare your work area. Place wax paper on a cookie sheet. Clear a shelf in your fridge or freezer. Get out a small but deep glass dish in which to melt the chocolate. You will need another dish to melt the white chocolate (or you can wash the first dish and re-use it). Get out a small plastic baggie. This is how you will drizzle the white chocolate.

3. The trick to melting chocolate is to do so in small batches in the microwave on 50% power. Start by placing the dish of chocolate chips in the microwave for 1 minute. Take out and stir. Place back in the microwave and heat at 15 second intervals, stirring in between until smooth. (These directions are also on the package of chocolate chips.)

4. Now you can dip your first batch of berries. It’s all in the wrist. Dip the berry straight down and then twist your wrist to sort of roll the strawberry in the chocolate. Pull it out straight up and let the excess chocolate drip off. Place the berry on its side on the wax paper. It will be helpful to place all the stems facing the same direction. When the chocolate becomes too shallow to work with, add more chocolate and melt as directed above. Once you have all your berries dipped in chocolate, place them in the fridge to harden.

5. While the berries are in the fridge, you can prepare your white chocolate for drizzling. Melt as directed above. Note: White chocolate tends to scorch easily. Make sure you don’t cook it too long. It will be thicker than the semi-sweet chocolate.

6. When the white chocolate is melted, place in the plastic baggie, cut a tiny snip in the corner and use this to squeeze chocolate onto the berries. The thickness of the drizzle will depend on how big of a hole you cut in your baggie. You may want to practice this technique a few times to get the hang of it. Place the berries back in the fridge until completely hardened.

7. For a nice presentation, you can place each berry in its own separate paper muffin cup.  These make excellent gifts and would also look impressive on the table at your next party or baby shower.



One Response to “Chocolate Covered Strawberries”

  1. Jenny Grusy Says:

    Great one, Emily! Love the pretty photo! 🙂

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