Country Crust Bread


I’ve been a huge fan of Southern Living and their annual cookbooks for many years, and this year’s has already paid for itself, in a wonderful bread recipe that I adapted for my breadmaker. I never did get the knack of kneading…I’m a big fan of dump and push a button.


Country Crust Bread

1 C warm water

1 egg

1/8 C of oil

½ T lemon juice

3 C bread flour

¼ C sugar

½ T salt

1 envelop of yeast (or 2 ¼ t yeast)

½ T oil to brush the unbaked loaf

1 T butter, melted, for the baked loaf


1.    Place the first 8 ingredients in the bread machine in the order listed and set on the dough cycle.

2.    At the end of the cycle, remove from the pan to a floured surface, and let it rest for 10 minutes. Preheat your oven to 200*, then turn off. Roll the dough out to a 9 by 18” rectangle, then roll up tightly from the short side. Pinch the seams to seal, and tuck the ends in under the loaf. Place in a buttered 5 by 9” loaf pan, brush with oil, and cover with saran wrap. Place the pan in the oven and allow the dough to rise 45-60 minutes.

3.    Remove bread from the oven, and preheat it to 375*. Bake the bread for 25-30 minutes. Immediately remove from the loaf pan to wire rack and brush with melted butter. Allow to cool completely (if you have that much willpower!) before slicing.



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